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Unveiling the Shield of General Protections in Australian Employment Law

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) serves as a cornerstone in Australia’s employment laws, ushering in a suite of legislative safeguards collectively known as general protections. These provisions stand as guardians against discriminatory practices, victimisation, and other forms of unjust treatment in the workplace.

Key Functions of General Protections:

The defensive shield of general protections serves multiple purposes:

  • Safeguarding an employee’s workplace rights,
  • Upholding freedom of association,
  • Shielding employees against coercion, intimidation, and misrepresentation,
  • Protecting employees from sham contracting,
  • Preventing discrimination in the workplace, and
  • Offering solace to employees subjected to workplace discrimination (based on attributes like race, gender, sexuality, pregnancy, age, or disability), victimisation, or other forms of unjust treatment.

Importantly, general protections are not restricted to traditional employee-employer relationships and can extend to cover some independent contractors and other types of workers.

Understanding Workplace Rights:

At the heart of general protections is the preservation of workplace rights, which encapsulate various types of rights. For instance, employees have the prerogative to make inquiries or voice complaints about their employment. This sphere of rights might also encompass entitlements related to employment, requests for flexible working arrangements, appeals for a pay increase, or the lodging of a bullying complaint.

Further expanding this scope, general protections can extend to occupational health and safety matters, discrimination legislation, and includes any rights entrenched within the Fair Work Act 2009 (Vic) and associated legislation and regulation.

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Navigating General Protections Claims:

Addressing general protections claims can often trigger emotional stress and tension. That’s why our commitment lies in offering our clients representation as paid agents marked by empathy and compassion. We strive to reduce your anxieties and guide you on a path towards resolution and justice in your employment environment.

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