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Understanding Unfair Dismissal with Frontline Employment Defenders

Frontline Employment Defenders is your reliable ally when dealing with unjust termination scenarios, offering sound guidance on understanding unfair dismissal as stipulated under the Fair Work Act.

Unfair dismissal refers to a situation where an employee is wrongfully terminated, making them eligible to seek an ‘unfair dismissal remedy’ through an application to the Fair Work Commission. This process is primarily conducted via a telephone conciliation, eliminating the potential discomfort of face-to-face confrontations with former employers.

Telephone conciliation is a confidential and effective means of dispute resolution, giving both parties control over the outcome without putting anything on the public record. In the majority of cases, unfair dismissal claims are resolved during this telephone-based process.

Maximising Benefits with Frontline Employment Defenders

When unfairly dismissed, securing the services of Frontline Employment Defenders can result in a host of advantages, from application preparation and submission to representation throughout the process. We are committed to dealing with employer responses, conciliation, and securing favourable outcomes.

We support our clients in every step, from obtaining necessary documentation to working out settlements with the employer. Such settlements can in some cases lead to the termination being transformed into a resignation, accompanied by a statement of service and a deed of settlement.

In numerous instances, we’ve also been able to negotiate financial compensation or for our clients.

Affordable Representation

We value the faith you put in our services, and to that end, our initial consultation is free of charge if we do not obtain an offer for compensation we will not charge you.

Unraveling the Process

Frontline Employment Defenders handle everything from application submission to navigating the conciliation process and beyond.

We guide our clients through each step, ensuring that they’re well-informed and confident about the proceedings. This includes dealing with employer responses, attending conciliation meetings, and representing clients throughout the entire process.

End of the Road

Once a satisfactory settlement is reached through telephone conciliation and all agreed terms are complied with, the matter is put to rest. Settlements often include the signing of deeds of settlement, payment of any agreed financial compensation, and upholding strict confidentiality. Frontline Employment Defenders will discuss these elements with you in detail at the right time.

Remember, unfair dismissal is not the end. Frontline Employment Defenders is here to help you turn it into a stepping stone towards a fair resolution.

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