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Navigating Unfair Dismissal: Know Your Rights and Options

Experiencing an unjust termination can be a challenging and stressful period for you and your family. It disrupts the equilibrium of your daily routine and can cast a long shadow over your ability to secure future job opportunities. If you’ve been on the receiving end of an unfair, harsh, or unreasonable dismissal, you might be eligible to file an unfair dismissal claim. . However, it’s crucial to remember that timing is everything. You must file your unfair dismissal claim within a strict 21-day limit from the day of your dismissal.

What Claims Can You File?

Did you know that an unfair dismissal claim is not the only recourse available to you? There are other types of claims that could potentially entitle you to more compensation since some of these have no limit to the amount of compensation you can receive.

These include:

  • Breach of Contract Claim
  • Adverse Action Claim (General Protections Claim)
  • Discrimination Claim
  • Unlawful Termination Claim

What Comes Next? What are the Costs?

Feeling lost after a termination? If you believe that your dismissal was harsh, unjust, or unreasonable, or even in violation of your contract, Frontline Employment Defenders is here to help. Navigating unfair dismissal can feel overwhelming. But, remember, you’re not alone.

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