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What Can Frontline Employment Defenders Help You With?

Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Claims

Fair Work Representation

Financial Resolution for Unlawful Termination

Adverse Treatment and General Protections Claims

Underpayment Claims

Guidance on compliance, policies procedures and performance management processes

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What You Pay

At Frontline Employment Defenders, we offer cost-effective services and we don’t require payment until we successfully obtain an offer to resolve your dispute.

Our Experience

Our business model focuses on early resolution by exploring innovative negotiation strategies before you may choose us to represent you in the Fair Work Commission.

Our agents have broad experience covering numerous years in managing employee disputes with their employers. This experience ranges from pre-negotiation stages up to and including representing contested cases at the Fair Work Commission.

Our Approach

Frontline Employment Defenders is dedicated to achieving early resolution of employee disputes. Our no-nonsense negotiation approach allows us to expedite a more timely financial resolution.

Although we prefer to take a conciliatory approach initially, we’re not hesitant to stand firm and represent you in the Fair Work Commission

We are not a Law Firm

At Frontline Employment Defenders we are not a law firm nor do we try to hold out as providing legal services.

Whilst we can act on your behalf in the Fair Work Commission we offer a distinctly different service acting as your agents under the Fair Work Act 2009 and not your lawyers.


Is it alleged the employment relationship ended for reasons that are unfair, unreasonable or harsh?

Bullying & Sexual Harassment

Has there been allegations of repeated unreasonable and unacceptable behavior?

Workplace Disputes and General Protections

Is there allegations of adverse treatment for raising a complaint or concern?

Why are time limits so important when making an application to the Fair Work Commission?

If you decide to take your matter to the Fair Work Commission, you will need to apply within 21 days from the date your dismissal takes effect. The 21-day period starts the day after the dismissal.

The first day to count is the day after you are advised of the dismissal. Oral advice may be sufficient.

The last day to lodge the application is the 21st day. However, after this time, making a successful application becomes very difficult.

Our Contact Details

We look forward to meeting you in person, however if more convenient we also offer video conferencing or alternatively at home consultations.

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